Some Ideas for DIY Classic Style Interior Designs for Your Home

Classic designs are widely different and include Victorian, Edwardian, Revival, Tudor and many other styles. Each era has different defining characteristics that could complement or oppose the other person.

Still, if you mix different characters of classic styles to create a custom appearance, you can’t be blamed. Here are some ideas to design your own home interior employing a variety of classical styles.

1. Paint

Paint your room with colors for example light yellow, teak or off-white. These colors draw out the impression of lavishness and grandeur in a room.

2. Lighting

Choose yellow lighting as opposed to white-colored lighting. This will elicit the warmth of your room, which can be usually crucial that you show in the classically designed room. Do not forget to provide an old-style chandelier in your dining room, family room, or another room.

Adjust the chandelier’s size towards the room’s size, then it will appear well proportioned. As chandeliers can be extremely expensive, seek out one at yard sales or flea markets to keep your budget from stepping out of control.

3. Furniture

Choose shelves, tables, dressers and wardrobes made out of wood. Classical styles very seldom use metal to the furniture except for garden chairs. If you want an upholstered sofa, go for traditional design (instead of the contemporary one) using a floral pattern or pastel colors. Hang mirrors with wooden frames to include the aura of an bygone era.

4. Windows

Big windows are probably the renowned characteristics of classic designs. Large windows have an overabundance advantages over smaller ones; you’re going to get more fresh air and reduce expenses electricity since during the daytime you’ll get daylight as opposed to from lamps.

5. Drapery

Along with large windows, come heavy, fine draperies to cover the windows. If you want to stick to the theme, go for plain drapery which has a gold lining. Or, to add more pleasant, match the drapery pattern with the pattern in your sofa.

6. Ornaments

You can hang paintings or mirrors around the wall. Mirrors, when placed on the perfect angle, can create the illusion of an larger space. This will be an advantage in the event you actually use a small room. You can also consider locating a marble bust on the table, or in the event you really possess a large place, put human sized statues to complement using the classic theme.

7. Kitchen

Placing a wooden island in the center of your kitchen area brings about the impression of antiquity. Adding some ornaments or utensils produced from bronze for example candlesticks and pots will not likely hurt your effort to provide a classical design throughout your own home.