Should I Have A White Kitchen

White kitchen cabinetry can produce a kitchen design jump out like few other features. You might think that white kitchen cabinets are plain, but the truth is that they can offer stark and trendy contrasts with an otherwise simple kitchen.

White cabinets are put to best use when they contrast additional factors which might be colorful or dark; for example, dark granite countertops, rich cherry floors, and tinted glass on appliances can create feeling of a unified kitchen design when they are placed in contrast to white cabinets.

The Two Kinds of White Kitchen Cabinets: Thermofoil and Painted

There are two kinds of white kitchen cabinets that are pretty distinctive from the other. Thermofoil cabinets are usually manufactured from a particle board door which has been incased in the vinyl skin (using heat and adhesive) and has had all the air removed to make certain as tight a fit as is possible.

As long as the vinyl skin is saved in good condition, Thermofoil white cabinets are simple to clean and large remains consistent. White Thermofoil cabinets are most often chosen for value and inexpensive instead of their style.

On one other hand, classic white, painted cabinets, are can be manufactured from any typical wood species – usually maple or cherry – and therefore are made as well as, or even better than, stained cabinets. Tone variations in white painted cabinets are as varied as white and neutral colors at paint store. There are countless color variations, so ensure that you find the proper white to match your kitchen’s color scheme!

Pros and Cons

Thermofoil looks perfect until there is a problem. This might not appear to be most of a worry – after all, anything can be cultivated problems – but the problem is that if something goes wrong while using vinyl skin on the thermofoil cabinet, there’s no easy fix.

If there is a nick in the vinyl, the one option would be to replace the whole piece. You might think a simple nick isn’t merit replacement, but once the vinyl skin with a Thermofoil white cabinet has become breached, water can get in and exacerbate the situation by forming bubbles under the surface.

White painted cabinets don’t possess this challenge, nevertheless they have a few of their own. Sunlight can adversely affect some cabinets by aging the underlying wood and changing the cabinet’s white tone. White painted cabinets can also have problems with minor scratches that wouldn’t live the vinyl skin of your Thermofoil cabinet.

However, some small scratches, dings and marks in many cases are considered the main natural distressing of a long-lasting quality cabinet. In fact, many individuals choose white kitchen cabinets that have actually been pre-distressed.