How To Enhance Your Classic Bathroom Design

When you want to create a timeless classic bathroom design for your home, you can begin by choosing a few key elements that will help you get started. This can be as basic or as elegant as you like; after all, you are creating a statement for your home. Start by choosing a classic bathroom suite that offers many great benefits, such as: modernizes, combines classic elegance and functionality, is easy on the eyes, is durable, easy to maintain, and is safe for both children and pets. Then, choose a color scheme that matches the walls and flooring in the bathroom, yet is different enough so it stands out without being garish. Finally, choose an interior designer that is able to understand your vision for your classic bathroom design and has years of experience in designing beautiful suites to fit your needs.

Smaller Classic Bathroom Ideas-The key to beginning your classic bathroom design project is to choose a few key pieces, such as a contemporary basin and faucet set, a classic hand-painted ceramic basin, and a beautiful vintage pedestal sink. Add a few key accessories, such as a pedestal-style toilet seat and hand crafted soap dishes, and the rest of the room is bound to come together. Small vintage touches can add charm and character to your master bathroom, as well as create a unique storage option. In fact, when planning your layout for your classic bathroom design, consider including some smaller items that tie together the various rooms in the suite.

Color Palette-One of the most important components of any classic bathroom design is the color palette. From the tile you choose, to the color of your walls and flooring, the color palette must be carefully thought out to coordinate with the other elements in the room. This is even more important when it comes to selecting and installing your tile. The great thing about using a more traditional color palette is that you don’t have to choose an exact replica of what is featured in traditional bathrooms. Instead, you can simply use a similar color palette, as long as it is modern and interesting.

Large Bathtubs-With a larger tub will come more options when it comes to style, as well as size. When planning your classic bathroom design, it’s important to consider the largest tub you can fit into the room. Remember, if you choose a large bath, you will want it to feel cozy and inviting, but you don’t want it to appear to be overpowering. It is best to go with a medium sized tub if you plan on using it often. However, if you plan on using it only occasionally, then a large bath may be just what you need in a smaller space.

subway tile in your bathrooms-When most people think of classic bathroom design, they probably think of bathrooms that are filled with amazing tile and other embellishments. However, there are some bathrooms that just need a clean, simple look, like a bathroom without a lot of accessories. If you have a small bathroom, then a subway tile could give your bathroom’s a cleaner look than wall to wall carpet would.

Shower Enclosure-If you plan on using a walk in shower or an indoor/outdoor shower, then there isn’t much reason for you to spend extra money on an elaborate enclosure. However, if you do have a large, fully enclosed bathtub in your classic bathroom design, then a shower enclosure is the perfect option for your space. You can buy enclosures that extend down to the floor or ceilings, so that you can get a shower in the tub area that also gets cleaned. Or, if you don’t have a tub that fits this style, you can opt for a simple wall shower.

Vanity Tops and Cabinets-If you have a classic bathroom design, then you will definitely want to have plenty of storage space. In order to achieve plenty of storage, you will probably want to purchase vanity tops and cabinets. Vanity tops and cabinets came in all sorts of styles and designs. Some companies make entire units out of vanities. Some companies make individual pieces of storage designed specifically to fit into corner spaces or to sit against the walls.

Floor Tiles subway tiles are a great way to add subway style flair to any bathroom. You can buy these subway tiles in different styles, colors, and materials, so finding one to match your classic bathroom design should be easy. subway tile may seem more expensive, but it often comes with a guarantee that the tile will be made to order. You can even buy kits that allow you to tile the entire floor in subway style, adding a unique flair to your home.