Home Design Trends

With the housing industry slowly recovering because the months creep by, folks are paying more attention to what’s inside those walls. For those folks who are still saving every penny, it’s nice to desire what exactly is happening inside luxury, designer homes. What technologies are actually place into use? What color schemes are popular? What kind of furniture will be the economic elite purchasing? Let’s take a peek at a number of the hottest home design trends just for this year.

One from the hottest trends in home design right now is turning the toilet into an at-home spa. Life today is really fast-paced and stressful, who wouldn’t desire a relaxing retreat right in their home? High end designers are providing customizable tub designs where one can choose size, shape, color and in many cases the volume of jets. Some of these designers even offer an replacement for install an MP3 player having a waterproof wireless headset for ultimate relaxation. White is a popular color because of these spa-like bathrooms. Serene, calming and lush. Thick, luxurious towels, multiple showerheads, jacuzzi tubs – the entire nine yards to create the perfect retreat.

Another popular trend is always to transform garage space into another functional living area for the family. Instead of just space to keep the cars, people living in luxury homes want this becoming a family living space. Add racks to the walls to get rid with the clutter that frequently accumulates in the garage. Put down a great floor using polypropelene tiles and turn your entire space in to a game room. Have radiant heat installed within the floor, include a plush comfy couch plus a big flat panel TV and also the garage has decided to become the family’s favorite spot to hang out.

Recycling is even making its way into luxury design. It has turned into a hot trend to make use of reclaimed wood, including old wine barrels for first time purposes inside your home. This wood may be repurposed to make a fabulous new floor, wainscotting or countertop. Imagine developing a bar-top counter beyond old wine barrels. With a thick coat of polyurethane it will instantly turn into a conversation piece. The coolest thing about this trend is the fact that portions in the reclaimed wood hold the wine company’s stamp onto it. No one could have anything as it and you’ll feel good about using recycled materials.

As for new technology in luxury homes there are 2 cool new trends. The first can be a high-speed wall oven. This is a great investment for busy families who still want to enjoy a home cooked meal. These ovens hold the capability of cooking a pizza in less than 10 minutes. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Another technological advancement sprouting up in luxury homes are hybrid water heaters. These heaters basically combine the best of traditional hot water heaters while using “green” qualities of the utilize. These heaters are 35% better than traditional trouble heaters and can decrease your bills considerably.