Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day Bedroom Using Your 5 Senses

Prior to you start developing your romantic Valentine’s Day bed room ambiance, you require a truly fast evaluation. Do you remember what your 5 senses are? Sight, sound, touch, odor and taste.

Okay, now that let’s discuss how you can utilize these 5 senses to put an exclamation point ending on your romantic Valentine’s Day.

1. Let’s begin with your sense of smell considering that this is generally the first thing we know when we get in a room (and even prior to entering a room).

It is really simple to produce a romantic fragrance in your bedroom since there are a limitless variety of aromatherapy candles and incense. So pick your favorite scented candle(s) and light it up! We are, after all, still mammals and our sense of odor activates all sorts of chain reactions in the brain that arouse our sensuality.

2. As we enjoy a romantic fragrance in our bedroom, we (almost) simultaneously take in the sights of our environments. When you are producing a romantic setting, romantic lighting is an outright must! My preference is to keep all electrical lights off and utilize just candles. But you may prefer the effervescent radiance of a salt crystal light or the dimness of light provided by putting a pink shade or scarf over your lampshade.

Besides requiring the proper lighting in your bed room, you need to remove all the mess. You should not be doing work in your bed room to begin with – (it is a bed room – not a work room). So out with the clutter and in with the romantic lighting.

3. Tactile stimulation, more typically referred to as touch, is vital for putting us in a romantic state of mind. Therefore, I recommend comfortable pillows, soft silky sheets, and possibly a fuzzy throw carpet. But the crown in the jewel here is increased petals sprayed on and around the bed – need I say more?

4. Now who doesn’t love a little music in the kind of Marvin Gaye to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom? I don’t even have to mention his traditional love tune, you are currently singing it to yourself (“Let’s Get It On, you know what I’m talking ’bout”).

It doesn’t matter who your favorite recording artist is, have background music playing in your bed room at a soft low volume. Remember, you do not wish to need to shout over the music to have a conversation with your partner. If you are not a music enthusiast, attempt having the sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore – or anything that unwinds you and gets you in the state of mind. You can figure this out.

5. Finally – let’s talk about how taste contributes to the ambiance of your romantic bed room. Have a bottle of wine and/or champagne chilling by the bedside together with some chocolate s and/or chocolate covered strawberries – you get the concept. Chocolate is understood to be an aphrodisiac so that is why I recommend it, however any type of your preferred food and/or beverages will do.

There are plenty more methods you can use your 5 senses to develop a romantic bed room ambiance. Create your own or opt for mine. Whatever puts an exclamation point on the end of your Valentine’s Day (night) is a go!